LINK® Credit Information

To transact with any of our Enbridge entities, credit must be established for that Enbridge entity (entities).


Contact names for Credit are listed in the Credit Applications. For general information, please contact:
Phone: 713-627-6565
Fax: 713-989-1717
New customer of Enbridge:

Please select the appropriate Credit Application form below, complete and return to our credit team for credit evaluation.

Credit Applications

Algonquin, Big Sandy Pipeline, Bobcat Gas Storage, East Tennessee, MHP Moss Bluff, MHP Egan, Saltville, Texas Eastern, Tres Palacios, and Valley Crossing

Garden Banks, Manta Ray, Mississippi Canyon, Nautilus, Walker Ridge

Maritimes & Northeast Canada, and Maritimes & Northeast U.S.

NEXUS Gas Transmission, LLC, NEXUS Capacity Services, ULC

Sabal Trail

Southeast Supply Header

Steckman Ridge

Existing customer of Enbridge:

Please contact our Credit team to request credit set-up or reallocation for the Enbridge entity.

Other Forms and References (for all Enbridge entities)

Confidentiality Agreement template

Guaranty template

Letter of Credit template