To obtain Transportation and Aggregation Services please log on to the LINK system, click on "Contracts," then click on "Request for Service." (See the example screen print below).

In addition, Maritimes and Northeast Canada customers can complete a service request form (which can be obtained by clicking HERE for MNCA, HERE for NXCA CUA-1, HERE for NXCA CUA-2 and HERE for NXCA CUA-3) and fax it to the Contract Administration department at 713-627-5041. Please note that the preferred method for requesting new service is to use the on-line LINK screens, as described above.

To obtain a form for Southeast Supply Header L.L.C. Operational Balancing Agreement, click HERE. Please be aware that each agreement has an unique set of circumstances that may require the parties to agree on limitations stated within. Please contact the LINKŪ Help Line at 1 (800) 827-LINK (5465).

All necessary financial data should be sent to the Credit department at 713-627-4699.

If you need further assistance, please contact your Account Manager.

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